The video aspect of any installation is a focal point that takes center stage. You don’t want your projector, screen or television to look good, you want it to be installed RIGHT. It is a common misconception that installing a projector or TV is as simple as putting a screw in the wall the same way you hang a picture. However, there is a great deal of expertise that goes into properly installing the video components of your system.


Projectors require precise measurements ensuring optimum distance between the wall and the projector resulting in the best viewing experience possible.


Televisions are growing in size year after year! As they get bigger the get harder to properly install. Hasty installation can result in a television falling off the wall leading to a broken Television and a damaged wall. It just makes sense to do it right the first time.


Home Theater Gear's certified installers have been trained in the most current procedures and practices and have thousands of hours of experience working on hundreds of different jobs. They are not just book smart, they have the real-life, hands-on experience to ensure you are in the best hands possible.


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