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Imagine, it’s Friday night, the work/school week is behind you and the weekend has just begun. You begin to make plans for the night when you are suddenly faced with a particularly troubling decision!


“Should I get tickets and make plans to see a movie at the local movie theater, or should I stay in and enjoy my state of the art home theater…with MORE bass, better sounding audio, a brighter, more clear screen and luxurious, leather recliners that envelope you in comfort throughout the entire movie?”



You think that it’s a no brainer?

Well, we do too!


No matter what part of a home theater is most important to you, the professionals at home theater gear can help you to create the theater of your dreams!


Simply start by filling out the stuff you know in the form below. Don’t worry if you don’t know an answer or haven’t made a decision just yet, our theater concierge will contact you with answers to your questions and discuss how YOU want to move forward.



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